Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

How to Ship Drugs to Your House

You’ve found your favorite drugs on your favorite darknets but then your OPSEC buzzer goes off and you say “How do I actually get it shipped to me?” Lets talk about some of the risks and likely attacks.

The Fallacy Of The Drop Ship

The first thing you might think is, just like your computer, find a way to be completely anonymous. That would mean sending to a “drop ship” location or someone else’s house. You’ll find documents online about how the best way to do this is:

  • find a house in a city that no one lives in
  • mow the lawn once week
  • let the neighbors know who you are
  • send some fake packages and receive them at the location
  • establish a pretend situation where you are there multiple times during the week.

The number of people that can do this is uselessly low. If you can do this, good for you but don’t waste your time trying to figure this situation out.

Lets talks talk about some pragmatic approaches.

Risk Calculations

To get something shipped, you must take a risk calculation. How much do you care about the package you’re receiving, how often are you doing it, how likely are you to be caught, and what are the consequences of being caught.

value * frequency + caught * sentence = RISK

This is a fabricated calculation for the sake of discussion but you can use it to come up with an arbitrary number to assign a consistent risk score and it’s on point.

Lets review your situation:

  • you plan on sending an illegal product across country, providence, or state lines
  • you plan on using a federally funded system to do so (in the case of US Mail)
  • You are plan on putting a name and address on the recipient of the illegal product

How do you do it?

First: Don’t. I know that’s a cop out but seriously reconsider. Other options are:

  • pick it up directly from the contact
  • agree on shipping using a private company

Ok, you’re not going to do that. If you need to, here are a few things to remember:

  • Use your real name. I know, just do it. It is trivial for your delivery service to notice when a new name appears on an address. An out-of-country parcel to a name that doesn’t exist is a big red flag.
  • Make yourself unlikely to be caught. Ship small packages, envelopes, low quantities. Remember that law enforcement is a career path. Johnny Law isn’t going to make captain by nabbing a dime bag.
  • Be nice. There’s are documents that show how delivery guys are responsible for determining if you are a sketchy person and decide that you’re a high risk delivery.
  • Don’t sign for your packages. There will always be situations where you need to but don’t use your real signature. Have you ever noticed how your mum signs for a package?